Alanna Vignale

Alanna is a mountain biker, snowboarder, ski patroller, photographer, former volunteer Firefighter, and lived the mountain lifestyle for years before relocating to Vancouver to step up as a BCEHS Advanced Life Support Paramedic.  She is a leader.In her own words:Biking is more than just a sport, its how I find balance in my life.  It brings friends together for some smiles and high fives.  It creates moments of pure uninterrupted happiness.  A calming of the mind while being fully focused.  Get on a bike and just block out all the problems in the world for a little while.  It is my therapy, my calm, my meditation.

Bob Lee

Bob is a BCEHS Paramedic, Air Ambulance dispatcher, tireless charity volunteer, former professional stuntman, and dedicated cyclist.In his own words: "Life is like riding a mountain bike.  Looking forward and seeing the amazing beauty of life.  There are many bumps along the way.  Big ones and little ones.  Sometimes you crash.  Falling and crashing is not failure.  Not getting back up is.  Getting up is a must!  Brush off the dirt and go forth.  Once in a while, look back and see your amazing accomplishments.  But don't look too long, you may crash!  Look forward and see your amazing future and move on!"